Prescott Arizona Jan 7, 1931



Dear brothers and sisters.


Well, now I have to start writing one more time. Well, Lars I understand yoy are wondering why I havn´t been writing before. Of course, that´s shame on me, I have been thinking many times that Father began to grow older, and because of that i should write more often than before. And now it became to late. May he rest i peace, our family passes away one at the time. I am wondering many times, whos turn it will be next time.

Glad to hear that Kersti become healthy again. She is starting to grew older she too and she has been working hard all her life. Soon it´s almost one year since Sivert died, the time goes so fast and there are so many shanges in different ways.

Well, I have been away from my home since I came here. And I have to say it has been a bad time for me all this year. Talking about bad times. America has had it and still has it. They started to lay off people soon after I and George came to Jerome. And in two month, they laid off ten thousand men in the biggest mines here in Arizona. And then you can imagine how everthing went the same way.

There are about 30.000.000 men without work. Thirty million, can you imagine how bad it can be to see people go hungry in this rich country, where we have everything, but only a couple of thousand who have all the money in the country. And when the are ready to say go to work, one have to take whatever money one can get and be satisfied and greatful.

Well America is not what it has been, and may never will be. Well, Lars I sent George back home in July, because there was nothing for him to do here, unknown as we were, it was impossible. May be I could have had some work here in Jerome, but I didn´t pass the Doctorexamination. So I came here to Prescott, and I went to work in a mine, and there I became seek by bad air and dust, and for two month I couldn´t do any kind of work, I didn´t got any compensation either and on top of that I have only one lung left. So I have to b careful, if I wish to live a couple of years more.

In spite of this I feel well but I can´t help worrying a lot of course. I can probably work some more years, if there will be work to do, but you see I was going after the silver too long and the silver went down in price and I had borrowed to much. And that´s what bothering me. In other case I shoud be happy.

My children are soon grown up, and can soon look after themselves as soon as it will be work to do again. And Erika is healty and strong so they will make it in same way. George is big and strong and kind to help, so I think we can get up on our feet again as soon as the times get better.

Well, I should have a lot to talk to you about if we could meet, but that migt be just a dream for the moment. Perhaps som time, we have at least to hope, that will costs us nothing.

I have to tell you that Pete Håkansson died here three years ago. I don´t know what happened to Emil, he didn´t came to Pete´s funurel. They advertised for him but got no answer, so may be he is dead too.

You have to give my best greetings to brother Per and Kersti from me. Tilda, I presume she is at home with you. May be I should write to all of tem som time but that might never be.


Broterly John Hansson




Translated from the original letter in L.A.1982 by Stig Modig, grandson to Kersti.