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The emigration to America was to begin late in Jamtland, it was only in the 1870s that it started in earnest. Why did people choose to migrate?  Was it to escape poverty and misery or it was it primarily a search for something, possibilities not available in the old country?

The farmers' society in Sweden at the time was very isolated, and kept strict control over the working force according to the tjänstehjonsstadga" (a set of regulations governing the employment of workers and their rights, or lack thereof). It was only with the advent of a new working class, one that wasn't dependent on the land for its income, that this structure begun to dissolve.

In Jämtland this came about with the wood industry, which gave birth to a new profession: the lumberjack. At the time, America was in need of workers and was offering money that must have seemed like a dream to farm hands and maids in Sweden, as well as advantageous conditions for those who wanted their own farm. Added to this was the fact that the boat trip over the Atlantic would eventually become quite cheap.

Sven Olofsson Storasen at the very left,
his brother Johan Fredrik at the top.

Letter from Amerika 

Johannes, Sivert and Lars Hansson went for
Amerika in 1907, Lars returned to Sweden

1931 Johannes Hansson to his brother Lars Hansson

Christina Trapp arrived in America along with here sister

and brother-in-law in 1907.

Christine Trapp to Grandma Ingeborg Persson

Brita Nordman to Johannes Nordman 1939 .

They took the route to America

People from Myckelasen who did the long journey. The list is no complete, there are very likely more who crossed the Atlantic.

My life

Anders Nordman and Kerstin Johansdotter in Haexasen had six children - five sons and one daughter. Four sons emigrated to America; Nils Olof and Andreas in 1906, Petrus together with his wife Brita Trapp from Fjaellsagen in 1907 and Kristian in 1909. Two of them, Nils Olof and Kristian, would later return to Sweden and Myckelasen. While Andreas never returned to the old country, he did get to see Europe again while serving as an american soldier during World War 1. One of Petrus and Britas children was a son named Arvid. Eventually, Arvid's grandchildren would plead with him: "Write grandpa, write about your life!". And that he did.

Visit from America

In 1907 Petrus Nordman and Brita Trapp
emigrated to America . Almost 100 years later, in 2006, their grandchild's children came to see the old country.


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