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Christine Murphy, Lorna Linden, Virginia Nordman, Lisa Midles

Petrus Nordman in Häxåsen and Brita Trapp in Fjällsågen got married in February of 1907, and emigrated to America shortly thereafter. They started off in Minnesota but with time came to settle down in Seattle . They had three children, Arvid, Roy and Albert. They kept in touch with Sweden , but in 1919 a letter arrived, saying that Petrus had died, a victim of the Spanish disease. Petrus brother Andreas took care of the family until he died of a heart attack in 1939. With him the contact with the Nordmans in Sweden ended.


This came to occupy the mind of Arvid, Petrus's oldest son, in his adult years. He realized that he had relatives in Sweden , and would probably have liked to get in touch with them. He did not know how to reach them though, and it never came to be. Instead, it was his grandchild Christine who sent a letter out into the unknown, to Nordman, Myckelåsen , Sweden and got a reply.

In 2006, almost 100 years after Petrus and Brita left Sweden, their grandchild's children came with their mother to see the old country. Virginia Sandqvist Nordman with roots from Småland, Christine Murphy, Lorna Linden and Lisa Midles.

The visit started out on the Swedish west coast, at the home of Bengt and Ulla Bergström. Bengt became their cicerone and chauffeur. From there the journey continued up to Myckelåsen, to Häxåsen from where Petrus originated and to Brita's Fjällsågen where the family Trapp once lived. The trip to northern Sweden was ended with a visit to John and Eivor Nordman in Bydalen. After that the visitors went to Småland, to meet up with more relatives.

The visit was greatly appreciated. And our American relatives have joyful memories of their time in Sweden . We very much hope that the visit will be repeated.

To the right are pictures from when the relatives met in Myckelåsen and Bydalen.

Petrus son Arvid told his grandchildren about his life.

Petrus Nordman
Arvid Mauritz Nordman
Familjer Nordman, Dahlberg 1
Familjer Nordman/ Dahlberg 2

Back:Chris,Virginia, Lorna, Lisa
Front:Nils, Märta och Svea Nordman
Virginia, Kurt,Chris, Lisa, Lorna
Bengt och Ulla Bergström, Lisa Midles
Helge Nordman
Sten och Folke Nordman
Sune Nordman
Britt och Ove Stjernström
Nils och Emilia Rovira Nordman
Lisa och Lorna
Lorna och Lisa
Lorna och Chris
Märta, Adam och Viktor Mavi

Maria Silverdahl och Maria Nordman
Margareta och Sven Silverdahl
Maj Britt Johansson, Kerstin Silverdahl,
John Nordman
Marby gamla kyrka
Marby nya kyrka
Kerstin Nordmans grav

Arvid Nordman My life